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Flow Chart

In programming, a flow chart is a graphical representation of a program or algorithm that shows the steps or events in the program and the relationships between them. Flow charts can be used to design, document, and improve software programs, as they provide a clear and visual representation of the logic and structure of the program.

1. Components of flow chart

Flow charts are composed of a set of standardized symbols and shapes that represent different types of actions or events. These symbols and shapes are connected by arrows that indicate the flow of the process or system being represented.

Here are some common symbols and shapes that are used in flow charts:

  • Start/End: A rounded rectangle with the word "Start" or "End" inside, indicating the beginning or end of the process or system.
  • Input/Output: A parallelogram with the word "Input" or "Output" inside, representing the input or output of data.
  • Processing: A rectangle with the word "Processing" inside, indicating a step in the process that involves some form of processing or calculation.
  • Decision: A diamond with a question mark inside, representing a decision point in the process where the flow of the process may branch based on the result of a test or condition.
  • Connector: A small circle with a line extending from it, used to connect different parts of the flow chart and indicate the flow of the process.

Flow charts can also include additional symbols and shapes to represent specific types of actions or events, such as loops, subprocesses, and annotations.

Overall, flow charts are composed of a combination of symbols, shapes, and arrows that represent the steps and decisions in a process or system, and the relationships between them. These components are used to create a visual representation of the flow and structure of the process, making it easier to understand and analyze.

flowchart TD
    A(Start) --> B{question?}
    B -->|Yes| C[OK]
    C --> D[go back]
    D --> B
    B ---->|No| E(End)
A simple example of flow chart.

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